Friday, January 4, 2013

The new year brings excitement about fresh starts, fresh ideas, and fresh resolutions.  We find this especially true in our personal lives, but GWP is hoping that we find this true in our professional lives also.  We're always can we be better at what we do?

This space has been created with the idea that we can always learn, grow, and gain by watching our colleagues.  We believe in teachers teaching teachers.  Writing is our passion and by taking down the walls of our classrooms and placing our actions here, we provide an opportunity to reflect on our practices, draw from others' experiences, explode our repertoire of lessons, be inspired, debate, grow, learn, and enjoy the minds of GWP TCs.  Because we may not have the opportunity to teach together, this year, we will be writing without walls.

Our goal this year is to get one TC per week to share what's going on in their classroom and in their heads.  Fifty-two posts.  Now that 's an exciting resolution.

We hope that you not only visit our blog to read, but that you will also consider being one of our writers.  Who hasn't dreamed of being a famous blogger?

If you are interested in writing a blog entry, please email us at so that we can give you a date and log in information.

Happy blogging!


  1. I will work on something this weekend and shoot you an email about it. This is a wonderful idea.